DIY Jersey Dress

Let’s face it ladies, who doesn’t love a good Jersey? Whether its from your favorite sports team, a jersey to support the hubby’s favorite team, your children sports team or just a custom jersey of choice, we all love them <3 However, there aren’t many jersey dresses to choose from, let alone a Modest Jersey Dress! So therefore, Today I will be showing you how to create your own Modest Jersey dress! Who’s excited?!! I know I am 🙂 Soooo….. Lets begin.


For the First step, you would need to draft your pattern. Please see the link below how to draft your raglan pattern. The link below is for a t-shirt and to make it a dress pattern, just extend it at the desired length. Remember ladies, we have hips so expand out the pattern as you go down so it can go over your hips 😉

Its Always Autumn: Raglan Pattern Draft 

Once your pattern is complete, it’s time get the cutting ✂️


         I cut my pattern out at the bottom to have that curve. My goal is to have that t-shirt effect. As you can see, I created my sleeve a long sleeve pattern, however, I do not want my Jersey dress to have long sleeve. Instead of cutting the excess of the pattern, I placed the pattern exactly where I would like the sleeve to end (the image shows how I flipped the pattern up so that you were able to see where/how I aligned my pattern against the fabric) and therefore, on my next time using my pattern if I would like long sleeve on a garment I already have the pattern made.

(btw, I had to undue all my work at the very end because I forgot to add the pockets to the dress. So if you would like pockets on your dress, now is the time to cut the pocket pieces out) click HERE for pocket pattern & tutorial.

Now is the time to decide what you what your jersey dress to say as well as the number/s you would like to use on your jersey.

I specifically used the number #2 because my hubby is the King of his house and deserves #1 and my kiddo is #3. Makes sense? Corny? just a bit lol  😜  well, moving on…..

You would need to either purchase letter/number stencils, create your own, or find some online. Pintrest is a great site to use for this.

I began with my sleeve (its the easiest). I placed the sleeve on the contrast fabric and cut 2 strips of my desired width leaving half an inch on either side for the length.  (this image shows how it looks already sewed on) I have already cut the excess from the sides as well.

Number time!!! LOL…   Sidenote: my table top is a MESS but them “Toms: Vinegar & Salt” chips ARE THE BEST! < if you haven’t had any, you are missing out!😜

Please Note: I found that the best way to cut out the numbers/letters out of your fabric, that worked for me. I first drew them on to my stabilizer with a wash away marker. I then sprayed it with adhesive spray, and place the contrast fabric on top. Now all you have to do is cut it out.

As you can see,  I used the Dritz Temporary Adhesive Spray to attach the number at the center of the sleeve. That does not mean I didn’t sew it on, I just needed to attach to the sleeve without shifting it. (I tried pins prior to using the spray but it made it lumpy and it would shift as I sewed.) Once I was satisfied with the placement of my number, I took it to my sewing machine and attached it to sleeve.

Do the same for the other sleeve…

Also, make sure to add your numbers/letters to your dress front & back. Whatever you would like for it to say needs to be added now. Same way you did the sleeve.

You might be tired or frustrated at this point but DO NOT GIVE UP! It took me 3 days to complete this dress so if you need to take a break like I did, please do so <3


It is now time to work on the dress portion  I only added 1 strip to bottom of the dress. I didn’t take pics of when I cut the contrast fabric but here is a walk through. I place the main fabric on the top of the contrast fabric and cut the curve line. I then followed the line with the width size that I desired, and when I was satisfied, I sewed it on.

Hang on tight, we are almost DONE yayyy!!!

Time to attach the pockets!  Mine are already attached (as I said earlier, I had to take the dress entire dress apart because I forgot my pockets) First decide where you would like the pocket. Fold your dress in half and make a snip where you would like the pockets. The reason you fold the dress in half is make sure the placement of the pockets are at the exact same place on each side. Once that is done, stitch one side of the pocket to each side. One side of the dress should have 2 unattached pocket pieces and the other side should have 2 unattached pocket pieces as well.


We will be working on attaching the sleeves next   Place your dress right sides up and your sleeve right sides down on top of the dress. Stitch.  You should have the sleeves already attached to one side of the dress. You will do the same thing for the other side in the same manner. The only difference is that you will have the other portion of the dress already attached to the sleeves. One sleeve at a time.      This is what it should look like by now.

We are moving on to the last steps…………

Sew the dress closed! Go around the pocket as such Make sure to pivot as to get to the corner of the pocket and then continue to sew.

Last step before it is complete: Lets add the collar band. You would need to cut a 2 inch wide band long enough to fit around the neck part of the dress but also know that it would need to be at least an inch smaller than the dress collar so that it can be snugged. fold it in half and sew the ends together. Now pin the band around the collar stretching a bit as you go.  You would need to top stitch the excess material so it can look clean. Place the fabric downward and sew to dress. In my case, I placed the excess fabric upward because I was too lazy to change the color of the thread and I didn’t want to sew white thread on the blue fabric. 


And Now your ALL DONE!!!!! You can now hem your dress (which btw I did not do. Raw edge jersey dress for me it is ) And you can  add your fringes. And with that, your project is complete!!! Hope this helped <3


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