About Us


Welcome to SewJDstyles Online Boutique! My name is Julia best known as Jedidiah, and I am the founder of SewJDstyles, a place to find  Modest Fashion Wear.

We started our company a few years ago, after realizing the art of modesty had disappeared. I decided it was time to bring modesty back with a fashionable outlook for all women and children. Eventually, it escalated to making custom garments for entire families and that’s where my clientele began.

Always wanting to provide customers with unique, fun and quality clothes, the fashion sense and customer service became synonymous with SewJDstyles Online Boutique. JDstyles sells custom made apparel & accessories designed for all men, women and children of all sizes.

The gift that the Lord had blessed me with, was to be shared with the world, and therefore, I bring you a variety of my modest fashion line which are all handmade items, cost effective, quality fabrics, with NO mixed material (100% fabrics), made for everyone.